Channel Island
Channel Island
The power plant on Channel Island.
Total Area 1.326 sq. mi.
Total Buildings 6,624
Total Households 1,656
Population 412
Schools Channel Island Community Schools
Channel Island is a kidney shaped island located in Northern Territory, Australia.


Channel Island used to be an uninhabited island. There was a highway called Channel Island Road that starts at the intersection of Chung Wa Tse and El Rundie Avenue and ends at the power plant on Channel Island.


2020 Census:

In 2020, Channel Island had about 828 buildings, 207 households, and 51 people. Of which 16.25% were of indigenous Australian descent, 38.2% were of European descent, 10.1% were of English descent, 1.0% of Irish descent, 0.1% of Scottish descent, and 0.1% of German descent. 

2030 Census:

In 2030, Channel Island had about 1,656 buildings, 414 households, and 103 people. Of which 32.50% were of indigenous Australian descent, 76.4% were of European descent, 20.2% were of English descent, 2.0% of Irish descent, 0.2% of Scottish descent, and 0.2% of German descent.

2040 Census: 

In 2040, Channel Island had about 3,312 buildings, 828 households, and 206 people. Of which 65.0% were of indigenous Australian descent, 42.8% were of European descent, 40.4% were of English descent, 3.0% of Irish descent, 0.3% of Scottish descent, and 0.3% of German descent.

2050 Census:

In 2050, Channel Island had about 6,624 buildings, 1,656 households, and 412 people. Of which 20.0% were of indigenous Australian descent, 12.9% were of European descent, 15.7% were of English descent, 4.0% of Irish descent, 0.4% of Scottish descent, and 0.4% of German descent.