Surtsey as it appeared in 2013.

Surtsey is a division of the Vestmann Islands. It has a total population of 3,586. It is the 2nd largest island in the Vestmann Islands. Unlike its neighboring islands, Surtsey has its own capital, Jolnir. Surtsey also has two islands that are on the left and right of itself. They are considered cities of Surtsey and did not appear until the year 2024, the eruption of the volcanoes that created them stopped evolving the islands within 5 years. It's natural resources are fish and natural gas.


Surtsey was made by a volcanic eruption on November 11, 1965. From 2008 to 2024 the island was used for research. The island gave the people an idea of how Mars looks like and was amazing that it looked so old but yet so young. For the following 10 years, Surtsey remained uninhabited and the two huts built by the reasearchers broke down and fell apart.

On June 11, 2035, Surtsey officially became a division of the Vestmann Islands. The governer of Surtsey, Adamsson FinnbogaadU'ttir, along with the mayors of VesterbunkiAusterbunkiSurtungurSurturSyrtlingur, and Jolnir signed the Vestmann Treaty on August 30, 2035. 

Later in the year 2040, Surtsey had increased in population tremendously and the present governers of the cities established Surtsey's present cities. Surprisingly, none of the cities' population has went over 1000, but the capital, Jolnir, is really close.

On January 31, 2042, the famous Surtsey Science Foundation was established in Jolnir. It is strictly set on research of Surtsey as it grows throughout its years. The science foundation also researches the other islands of the Vestmann Islands. It mostly goes to New Geirfuglasker and Syrtlingur. The research foundation also likes to search Jolnir because of it once was under sea level. 


Name Population
Vesterbunki 399
Austerbunki 632
Surtungur 553
Surtur 607
Syrtlingur 419
Jolnir 976